• Does Maxwell’s right ear have sonar capabilities to help him find where the expensive shoes are hiding?


    Ah, the one-ear wiggle.  I know it well.  It has nothing to do with expense shoes and sonar.  Sonar?  Really?  Does Maxwell look like a porpoise?  Besides, hearing doesn’t help you find shoes.  A sense of smell helps you find shoes.

    Maxwell, you may not realize, is performing a trick.  It’s a trick I perfected at a young age and passed along to my boys, Runt and Mutt Junior.  It’s like a human magician when he does something with one hand in order to prevent you from seeing what he’s doing with the other.  At this moment, Maxwell, is making you look at his ear and coo, “Isn’t that sweet!”  What you don’t see is that he just made a piddle on the floor.