• Why will our dog go to the bathroom when she is free outside, but when we have to have her on a leash (with someone holding her, or connected to her dog house) she won’t go to the bathroom? This often results in her going to the bathroom inside.


    When I heard your question, I thought it was easy.  Many dogs are pee-shy.  This could just be her natural temperament.  Or it could be from humans always yelling at her.  It doesn’t matter if it’s negative (“bad dog”) or positive (“good girl”), a lady prefers a little privacy, even if it means soiling a wool Berber that’s supposed to be stain-resistant in the first place.

    But then I saw her picture and I thought, “hmm”.  What does her leash look like?  If it doesn’t match her lovely fuchsia outfit, you have a problem.  I know if it was me, I’d be mortified by a leash that doesn’t match.  I couldn’t even think about bodily functions if I’m on a non-matching leash.

    We may be animals, but we’re not animals.  You know?