• Why does my dog look at me like I’m crazy sometimes? It’s like he’s saying “What the hell are you doing?”


    You are a very perceptive human.  At this moment your dog is thinking, “Why can’t you focus that thing?  Here I am, posing and being adorable, and you’re making it look like a picture of Bigfoot, captured from half a mile away.”

    In the moments when you’re not taking a photo, your dog could be tilting his head and thinking all sorts of things – like “I don’t care if it just turned Daylight Saving Time.  Dinner was supposed to be hour ago.”  Or “I can barely see through my hair.  If it wasn’t for your smell, I wouldn’t know who you are.”  These are just guesses, of course.  He could be tilting his head because of an inner ear infection.

    But back to your point.  Does your dog sometimes think you’re crazy?  Absolutely.