• Whenever I cuddle with Seamus he snuggles way down in the comforter and gets a chunk of fabric in his front teeth. He nibbles on it so hard that his forehead wrinkles up and pulses. Does this mean he’s content? Like the way a cat kneads when it’s satisfied?


    First, how do you even know a cat?  I think so much less of you now.  Second, cats are never satisfied. But I suppose you want a real answer.  Seamus, if he’s a discerning puppy like, me,  is just trying to figure out what your comforter is made of.  Is it 100% cotton?  Or a poly-blend?  It must be a hard material to figure out, since he’s spending so much time tasting it.  It’s not a Snuggie, is it?  Snuggies are made of fleece, and fleece can give you diarrhea.  Don’t ask me how I know.