• We used to let our dogs run free in the woods. But lately they’ve been wandering further from home. Our solution was to buy them GPS collars so we’ll know where they are. Is this going to work?


    Antennas?  Really?  Why don’t you install satellite dishes on their collars?  That way they’ll be able to run away AND get basic cable.
    Now to my main point…  I want to be your dog.  No fences, visible or invisible.  No leashes.  I get to run in the woods to my heart’s content.  And I don’t even have to remember my way back.  All I have to do is lie down, take a nap under a tree and wait for you to show up with your GPS locator and your ATV or whatever and get a nice ride back home.
    So, yes.  The GPS system is going to work out great.  Just not for you.