• These are my dog’s two favorite things – a red tulle skirt and a camouflage vest. They’re the first things he picks out of his box and he’s always happy when I put them on. What does this say about him?


    I’m guessing your real question is, “Is my dog gay?”
    I can’t answer that one, not without meeting him and smelling his butt and seeing how much he likes Cesar Millan.  Or I could just ask him.  Dogs are pretty open.  Ever since people started neutering us, questions about our sexuality have kind of lost their impact.
    As for your pup’s sense of style, I admire it.  The ballerina skirt says, “Look at me.  I’m fabulous,” while the camo vest says, “Look at me and I’ll shoot you – if only I had a gun and an opposable thumb.”  That’s quite a thrilling combination, flamboyant but tough.
    And yes, now that I think about it, your dog is probably gay.