• Sometimes at night, Roxy will be laying down or sitting on the floor. Then suddenly she will start shaking her butt and kicking her back leg out. This is usually accompanied with a little “grrr” that can sometimes progress into a full-on bark. We don’t do anything to provoke it. She just does it randomly.


    I can’t answer this one without more information. Like, does this “grrr” sound like the opening notes to a song from “Annie”? Or is it more like that number from “Sweet Charity” with all the women shaking their butts and lifting their legs? I think it must be “Annie”. That’s the one with a role for a dog.

    Your Roxy obviously wants to be in the movies and she’s rehearsing. So don’t be surprised if she goes off to an audition one day and doesn’t come back. That’s what I would do.