• Peanut loves to tear dead vines out of the garden and drag them inside. He prefers playing with these to his whole box of toys. Should I stop buying him toys?


    Far be it from me to suggest fewer toys.  Toys are always good, like balloons at a party.  No one plays with balloons.  They’re slimy and hard to bite and make a scary noise.  But you still gotta bring them.  Like toys.

    I think Peanut is just going through a phase.  Someone probably told him about organic toys and how they’re so natural and good for the environment.

    What Peanut is doing here is the first step in composting his natural toy.  Within twelve hours, he will be returning this vine to the garden in a more biodegradable form.  From there it will go onto your shoe and be tracked back inside then flushed down the toilet.  Ah, the circle of life.