• Our little dogs like to perch in high places. For instance, they climb up and lounge on the table in back of our couch. Why is this?


    Here’s something you may not know about small breed dogs.  We’re small.  Pretty much anyone with “miniature” in his name, or “ese” — Pekinese, Maltese, Havanese – is guaranteed to have a limited view.  At least a big dog can look out a window or at a table top or at your butt.

    With us, it’s all legs, all the time.  That’s dull.  You heard me.  As constantly fascinating as you may think your ankles are, they’re not.  And I’d have that mole on your calf checked out if I were you.

    Can you blame us for wanting to see more?  The back of a sofa gives us a chance to scope out the room, looking for food, edible shoes, and possible escape routes after we grab the food or the shoes.  It also lets us see faces without getting a crick in the neck.

    You’re much cuter from a sofa back, by the way.  Your double chin doesn’t seem half as big.