• Our dog Turbo is a Lhasa-poo. I’ve often wondered if he has any genetically programmed ancestral memories of Tibet (he seems to like snow).


    Of course Turbo loves snow and Tibetan prayer wheels.  It’s inbred. I came from a breeder myself, so I know how traits get passed along – like being smart and talkative and knowing how to bite ankles.

    This goes for all of us.  Water dogs like water; shepherds like to herd; and I know a St. Bernard…  He’s never ever had a keg around his neck, but he has this natural love of brandy.  He’ll scratch through a liquor cabinet.  It’s actually becoming a problem.

    Your little Turbo is only half Tibetan, by the way.  I’m sure he’s a wonderful boy, but I’m always skittish about these half-breed names that end in “poo”.  I have a friend who’s a poodle-poo.  That’s a hyper-combination of poodle and poodle.  The girl’s a total mess.