• I am now 7 months old and over the past week I have had this urge to comp and chew on all things made of heavy duty plastic (chew toys). I am actually destroying them and gradually eating them. Mom doesn’t understand why I am chewing so much as I already have all my big dog teeth. Why am I teething again? Wags, Ranger


    Dear Ranger:
    Your adoptive mom doesn’t realize that you’re not teething.  You’re bored.  I ran into the same thing with my boys, Runt and Mutt Jr.
    There comes a time when every puppy gets tired of standing between your legs having his cute pictures posted on Facebook.  He may even get bored smelling other dogs.  This is especially true if he’s been fixed.  (Have you been fixed Ranger?  There’s an easy way to check.  Look between your legs.)
    Mutt Jr. dealt with boredom by digging his way to China; that’s the take-out restaurant on the other side of the fence.  Runt used to play hide-and-seek with his poop.  And you like to chew and swallow.
    Your mom should encourage you to have a hobby instead.  I would suggest running away.  That’s a good hobby.  Or Sudoku.  Maybe a big Sudoku book with a lot of tasty pages.