• Do you think my dog Rupert could be in PlayDog magazine?


    I don’t know about your copy of PlayDog, but mine doesn’t feature pictures of neutered males.
    As for Rupert, he could be doing a number of things.  He could be giving his belly a good airing after he’d be sprayed by that skunk.  Or he could be trying to get rid of the fleas on his back.  Or trying to pick up the fleas from your bed, although that’s a stretch.
    Or he could be stretching.
    Since Rupert is staring directly at you, he’s obviously doing this to please you.
    Or he could be saying, ”Where the hell are my testicles?”
    P.S. Now that I look at Rupert again, maybe he wants you to play a game of connect the dots.  Be sure to use a soft pencil…  or doggie-edible ink.