• Can dogs be possessed?


    I like to think there are no stupid questions, except this one.  This one is stupid.  Of course your dog isn’t possessed (look into my eyes).  The very idea that a harmless little dog can stare up at you (you are getting very sleepy) and take over your mind (now go to the treat jar) and make you do things you wouldn’t normally do (now give me a treat.  That’s right.  Yum.  And one for my little friend.)

    Us dogs are very simple, harmless creatures who live for nothing more than to love you (when I bark, you will wake up from your trance).  Plus, I think there may be something wrong with your camera (you will have no memory of what just happened).  Our eyes don’t really look like that (every time I bark from now one, you will feel compelled to go to the jar and give us a treat).

    It’s all in your imagination.  Trust me.